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PM FASTrack® CAPM® Simulation Software

Thema: RMC-Produkte, CAPM Exam Prep-Produkte

Developed by Rita Mulcahy, PMP

Created with the assistance of a psychometrician (just like the actual exam) PM FASTrack® is designed to simulate the actual exam in every detail. The program's database of 600+ questions allows you to take exams by knowledge area, process group, keyword/concept, CAPM and Super CAPM simulation.

Features for version 3 include automatic question bank updates (for people with Internet connections), upgraded exam reporting and archiving, and more "wordy" questions that more closely match the actual exam. In addition, all questions are cross-referenced with RMCs CAPM® Exam Prep textbook, so you may quickly and easily go back and work on your weak areas. Why be surprised when you take the actual exam? Find your gaps before the exam finds them for you!

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